About thermal-age.eu

Thermal-age.eu is the development site for JRA 1: PrediCtoR A novel decision-making software tool being developed within the framework of SYNTHESYS, the European Union-funded Integrated Activities project designed to help collections managers and users to quantify the risks associated with destructive analysis of specimens. Thermal.age.eu intends to simplify the calculation of thermal ages (1) to enable researchers to predict the likely survival of DNA and other molecules in archaeological and fossil samples.

(1) Smith C. I., Chamberlain A. T., Riley M. S., Stringer C., Collins M. (2003) The thermal history of human fossils and the likelihood of successful DNA amplification. Journal of Human Evolution 45, 203-217

Thermal-age.eu is here to do the following jobs for you (and for free!):

  1. Host wizards for estimating interesting things about ancient things using TTKPL and generating beautiful reports on these predictions.
  2. Keep indexed records of past calculations so these may be published and subject to scrutiny.
  3. Collect data from users to help refine the quality of predictions.
  4. Provide detailed explanations and supporting materials to help users understand the strengths and limitations of the magic numbers we can produce.