Thermal Age Web Tool is the development site for JRA 1: PrediCtoR A novel decision-making software tool being developed within the framework of SYNTHESYS, the European Union-funded Integrated Activities project designed to help collections managers and users to quantify the risks associated with destructive analysis of specimens.


Dated Specimens

dancing skeletons

If you know a little bit about the conditions a bone was buried in, how old it is and where in the world it came from then why not see how well the DNA could be preserved?

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graphs of lambda

This tool supports nearly all the functions available in the single-sample wizard above. Step-by-step guidance will help you configure a blank spreadsheet with the requisite column headings already in place and example rows to help you get started.

 DNA Screener Spreadsheet Tool

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Watch the Video

Below is a short(-ish, 10 minutes) video which walks through the DNA screening wizard above.